Google has just rolled out the JLS36C factory image for the new jelly bean 4.3 firmware for the Google Nexus 7 2013 model. This file has been given the name ‘android-4.3_r3′ and is available to be downloaded by all developers who may find this useful for their inner workings.

The workaround Android never stops, and just because they have announced the KitKat as the next version of the operating system, it doesn’t mean the clock stops in the mean time. There is lots of work that goes on in the firmware industry, and many Android devices, including both tablet and mobile, will still be receiving other forms of it, such as this here — the 4.3.

It can be somewhat of an annoyance, because when we see something new, all we want to do is use it right away, but Google made sure that wouldn’t be the case well before this point in time. If we go back to the very beginning almost, it wasn’t long before firmware updates became late and overdue. The Mountain View company has basically embraced this now-a-days where it is just the normal thing to do. It does have some upside to it — there is never a dull moment, and many different forms of the OS are flying around everywhere, keeping most minds honest. Just because something is new doesn’t mean it is automatically better either, and many people have a preference of actually staying on the older forms.

Before you go ahead and attempt to download the factory image, it is important to note that it carries the rather large file size of 360 MB. Because of that reason, it is advised you download via a WiFi connection and don’t try and do it on the run or else it may take a while before it is finished.

Download the JLS36C Factory image here.

Download the AOSP here.

Download the binary codes from here.

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