Blackberry has long been rumored to be struggling really badly on the mobile front. That rumor becomes a reality to everybody once we watched all of the main guys get axed from the company only a few months ago.

The most recent of rumors have Redmond based company, Microsoft as potential buyers of the entire company within a few months, however, that notion seems to have died down lately.

Later today, we found out that Blackberry had held a sneaky launch event in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia which introduced the BlackBerry Z30 mobile phone to the world.

As you can see from the featured picture, the looks of this new device are really promising. It could possibly be the best looking Blackberry Smartphone to date. It isn’t just looks that this one has going for it either. From what we can see on the stat sheet this mobile is also looking really spec packed too.

The only problem now is that it seems it may be too little too late for the RIM based company. To even stumble across this news today was difficult to the point where I had to look twice just to make sure that it was a launch. This could partially be a result of the fact that there were just so many leaks of this mobile over the past few months, that by the time the actual launch got around, there was just very little interest; everybody knew everything about it already. And that does have some truth to it. Most of the specs which were leaked are indeed holding up as true, as are the actual pictures.

So, tell me something I don’t already know?

There’s talk of this new Blackberry Z30 having a battery on board that lasts 50 percent longer than any of its competitors. That is huge news, as batteries are always such a main contributing factor when determining the customer satisfaction. One of the main points when watching a launch always seem to be how much extra battery did they manage to pull out?

Why isn’t it being talked about as of yet?

The blackberry name has a long history of being notoriously bad at battery life. They are normally well behind the competition in this department — as well as most others. Maybe it will take some before people get the chance to see it to believe it.

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