If you notice a considerable boost from your 4G LTE speeds over the next few months it will be because T-mobile has doubled the amount of antennas in the base stations.

The usual dose, and what they are currently using, is 2×2 MIMO but after they have finished the upgrades it will be 4×2 MIMO. It will result in better coverage for the area so you will be less prone to finding parts where you are travelling with poor service. Furthermore, it will aid in helping get more consistent data speeds because there won’t be as many dropouts. It will not result in any higher speeds, because it is still only 4G. It will just give off the appearance off better speeds if you are downloading because it will be more consistent.

The new technology will roll out nationwide after first starting with Chicago, Dallas, and San Antonio.

T-Mobile LTE


This news comes about a month after Sprint confirmed it was interested in buying out T-Mobile. Chairman Masayoshi addressed the media with a statement after months of speculation. T-Mobile could be delving into some new ideas to make their company appear to be worth more than it is and thus creating a higher selling price. Obviously companies want to make themselves look as valuable as possible before agreeing on a deal.

As time goes on we are expecting new idea to slow down and attention to be focused on making better data speeds and it seems companies such as T-mobile are thinking heavily along the same lines. In today’s day and age it is surprising how many rural areas are still struggling with coverage and it will only benefit everybody to try and stamp these out. An improvement in data speeds will eventually come into play, but for now if we can create a more secure connection then that will enhance the speed we have now.

Via: Gigaom