Way back in 2012 the second generation Samsung Galaxy beam launched across East Asia and what separated it from the first gen model was its built-in 15-lumen projector. Now, several years later, we can see that this idea never took off and smartphones are not deploying a similar tactic to lure in consumers at all because it never sold well.

However, Sammy is sticking with the idea of carrying a projector in this third-generation Galaxy Beam 2. We can also tell you that it will be launching first at phone carrier China Mobile that is obviously still in China. We do not have confirmation on how wide-spread across Asia this handset will go and we do not know if it will ever enter Australia, Europe or the US. It looks unlikely to leave Asia as that is what the last generation device was restricted to and this years model is not changing much at all. But until we get the final word we cannot rule anything out. The mere fact that it has come back in strange enough and there could be the reason to invest and try out the idea in other markets. These companies are a lot more business savvy than use so the waiting game is what we will play for now.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

The 2012 beam featured a 4-inch WVGA display, a 5-megapixel rear-facing snapper complete with auto-focus, 1GHz dual-core processor and came in at the typical mid-range market price of in between $500-600.

The 2014 Beam 2, third generation model, will have Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for an OS out of the box. It is better than that software build suggests because it will have a similar TouchWiz UI that is also being featured in some of today’s KitKat updates for other Samsung devices. Exact display size details are not announced, but we have the word on a multi-touch touchscreen and a light sensor as well as a proximity sensor. It will have a graphics processor, internet browsing with YouTube and Picasa, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, USB 2.0 that also has MicroSD card external storage. We also know that it will have tethering, a computer sync option and OTA syncing to round up the connectivity options. Other notable features include haptic feedback, MP3 ringtones, silent mode, speakerphone, flight mode and vibration alerts.

As you can see, most of the features are fairly stock standard it is not listing anything fantastic other than the projector that will have people intrigues about this phone. Hopefully, as more days pass we can get a better look at what the projector side of things entails in this handset.

It is a leaked picture we have here today and Sammy have not officially announced this phone yet. The release date is also still unknown. However, when leaks start coming out it is always for a reason and that is because launches are imminent. Stay tuned for more details.