By the middle of 2013, there was no hotter mid-range phone than the revolutionary Moto X. This includes being featured on Mobicuppa and around the web in general. After originally coming with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, it has received Android 4.3 and 4.4 updates since then. Now republic Wireless has announced Android 4.4.2 update for its customers has commenced rolling out.

This build originally came out for the big carriers months ago and the bad news is that the Republic Wireless is not too confident with the way this new software is working. To try and solve this issue they have decided to send it out to 2,000 random Moto X owners instead of everybody. When the yare satisfied that it is working well and to a satisfactory level then they will distribute it out to everyone else. It is hard to say whether this is an overprotective company or if they have a reasonable doubt to assume there may be some bugs in the system. Hopefully, it is not the latter. However, if it is, then the time it takes to work its way around to everybody will be delayed because they will work in fixes to the issues they have noticed.

Republic Wireless Moto X

If you own a Moto X, the smartphone from the Google and Motorola partnership, then head to the help guide I have listed blow after turning the handset on and unlocking it is pass-code to find out if the new KitKat software is available for you to install OTA. If it is not there yet it does not mean that RW has forgotten about you. More likely the case is that it has not arrived yet. These incremental rollouts can take up to several weeks before they come to everybody. Because republic Wireless is smaller than the bigger phone carriers hopefully it does not take quite as long it find all devices.

Moto X owners can expect much of the same goodness that we have already seen roll over to many devices that carry the same number. The first thing worth noting is how much less RAM it uses compared to the older build. As time goes on these firmware installments take up less space and after killing all the applications and memory you should also notice more RAM available. It comes in at roughly 500 MB less than the older Jelly bean update if you do not do experience the first 4.4 KitKat which was the main update before this.

Now we know that the original chocolate software was a big jump up from Jelly bean and this does not carry anywhere near as much stuff like that but it is not all bug fixes and performance improvements that make this update great either. Android have brought in some feature changes and I will briefly describe many of the ones I like best. It is good to have a write-up for this because the only YouTube presentation currently available to watch is carried out in Spanish for this particular smartphone.

The multimedia options are more impressive, this includes a new camera experience. There are new features as well as better quality pictures. The keyboard is developed further in landscape mode. The navigation is much better and fluid. Now you can scroll and flick/swipe flawlessly. Interestingly, we have always heard that the status bar is changed to white for other devices but we see blue for the clock and the battery icon. Next to that is the white reception and in a more translucent white is a 3G symbol. Next to that again is the wireless reception which is back to being blue.

 How To Install The Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA On The Moto X

The following is the sequence of options you will need to press. After press the first option there will be the next worked within the next screen that you need to find and click on that will then present you with the next worded option on the following screen. If you get stuck, please leave a comment or find us on Social media pages to ask us what you need to do.

1. To go the Settings application.

2. Press the More button.

3. Click on About phone.

4. Then choose Software updates.

5. Followed by Check for software updates.