Samsung has confirmed what we had hoped all along and that is that flexible smartphone displays are not dead. The new Note for 2014 is said to come with a three-sided Youm flexible display which tells us that not only will it be curved, but the screen will be bigger, giving a wider viewing angle and look a lot more futuristic. I am even going so far as to say that Samsung is about to change the way we see smartphones for the future. We have seen many concept depicting a similar thought and look, but never have we had any inkling at all that they were coming to life. Normally it is always the famous Cupertino company that arrive on the scene first, and to be fair, they still might because we do not know what their plans are this year. But for now, it looks like Sammy is leading the way.

Rumors suggest it will look very similar to the picture in this post and it reminds us from phones that have appeared in movies such as the recent Paranoia. If you have not seen the movie, starring is own Liam Hemsworth, then check it out because it has some great technology scenes including smartphones that look almost identical to what I am describing we will see here and in the near future, in real life.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flex

The Notes have always been a bigger handset and more of a phablet but Rueters have private information that the Note 4 will come with a new form factor and we may see it a little smaller so it looks more like a smartphone than an awkward phablet.

Rumor has it that 2015 we will see complete foldable displays coming to the Note 5 but that is too far advanced for us to believe that talk at the moment. We have read about the technology that will make this possible, and while we can see how it will work, these things take time to implement and I would not hold my breath on that idea just yet.

I am very interested in buying the Note 4 myself because the Note 3 NEO has just been updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat so we know Sammy love to keep looking after these devices when they begin to age. We often hear of untimely updates being a key reason that takes buyers away from them, but they have confirmed to me that there is good reason to invest in such a device.

As more rumors and roundups progress we will create new articles with all the latest information we have on the story.