Software version KOT49H.P605VVRUCNC2 is now available for Verizon’ Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 that will increase the system OS to a fresh version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

The Note 10.1 started years ago and the tablet originally came with a Touchwiz Live Panel UX UI on Android 4.0 and it was then modernized to Android 4.1 and 4.1.2. After being announced in February of 2012. Now, due to its success, it has all new 2014 model under the same name even tough it was first announced in September of 2013 and released on October 10 of 2013. The 2014 edition kept much of the same Touch Wiz UI and started off with Android 4.3 followed by Android 4.4.2.

Galaxy Note 10.1 render

This new version comes with an improved Immersive Mode that now automatically enables full screen viewing. When Immerse Mode is on it hides away bubbles and notifications of any kind, as well as taking away the status bar and system tray so there is nothing on the screen but the view of the content you want to see. It enhances the view and makes the screen show the image or video as big as possible with any normal UI controls in the way. It also doubles as a handy privacy feature if you are encircled by family or siblings who can see your screen or are looking at something you are showing them on the screen, and you do not want the person whom you are texting to message any inappropriate messages. Now even if they do send messages, it will not show up on the screen.

Multi-tasking is given extra performance with a new speed increase. Google Cloud print and HP ePrint is upgraded. Multi-user Mode is changed with added permissions to give more additional applications customizing options.

There are also five big bug fixes that have been added. If you noticed an issue with the S-Note file, the portrait mode flickering, Google sign in errors, access limit when unlocking the pass code or description password failure then you will be happy to learn that each one of those issues will be gone after updating to this new software.