The Subway Surfers game is a free download for all. This game for Android is cool, just make sure you only do it in the game and don’t try to perform these daredevil antics in life. Hit the streets of Rome and surf the subways in this app. It isn’t just as simple as trying to keep your balance or anything like that, however. Instead, you will be collecting coins and up-in your score as high as possible, similar to that of a game like Temple Run. Granted, Subway Surfers haven’t got that big (yet) but it does have a lot of potential to grow. Many people I know simply haven’t heard of it, but it is worth noting as the next game to try.

I don’t know what it is I like about this game. Maybe it is the happy-go-lucky charismatic faces on the cover. Or maybe it is the token black guy with a boom box. Whatever it is I’m excited to play it.

Subway Surfers

I mentioned you will be collecting coins earlier, and thanks to this Subway Surfers 1.7.0 if you want unlimited coins on your New York Subway journey click on the link to get them. Some would consider it a cheat so if that’s not the sort of thing you want to do then don’t download it.

To download the real deal, however, all you need to do is hit up this Subway Surfers APK V1.8.0. It is the newest and best version of the game. There are other versions I could get my hands on if anyone were to wish for them. Another popular variant of the game is the V1.6.0 APK.

Each different version of the game will take you to a different place. For example, this latest APK as I mentioned earlier will take you to Rome. The earlier version sets in New York. As far as I know, the other versions are also set in unique locations. Just looking now, there is another version based Sydney! The city is standing tall in my home country. Neat, I’ll have that APK put on the site next.


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