If you own an Android device, the FLV video player APK is something you will not want to live without for the rest of your life. Many video files now come in FLV format, and this APK will let you watch them, with no hassles in the process. There is no need to run flash or anything else. Just simply grab the APK, and you will be able to watch all the FLV files right from the Android SD card. What could be better than that?

It is a free app for all to download. Do not waste money buying it from another source as it is free for everybody. If you see somebody trying to make money on it, and then report it.

FLV Video Player

The FLV APK has been suitable for just about all Android devices, with the rare exception of anybody that still runs the Froyo OS. If you have Gingerbread or anything above this FLV video player will work for your device. There are some more technical specs that it requires, but, if you have a machine that runs on Gingerbread for the OS, it should meet the minimum requirements anyhow, so there is no need to worry about anything.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t a catch as such. However, there are a few minor annoyances. For example, I mentioned the spec’s aspect earlier. Your processor quality will determine the video quality. If you have a poor processor, then you can only expect to watch a poor visual. The upside to this? If it is a poor processor, it won’t just freeze and lag and be a problem. Instead, it will just automatically drop down in quality. It is by far the preference is a choice. At least it still runs as a video, even if it means losing some pixels. Their other issue is if your device is part of the ASUS Transformer range where it has been known to drop audio. It won’t harm the device in any way, shape or form, but the audio might not be there while you are watching the video.

Download the FLV Video Player V 1.7.3 APK from this direct Google Play store link.

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