There’s a great new Cydia tweak out now that lets you pin reminders on the lock screen called Reminders+. After you have fully installed it from Cydia, it will display the notes you have pinned to the lock screen until you unlock your iPhone the next time. Reminders+ is a great tweak for those who are more prone to forgetting things. The image displayed below is an example of what this particular tweak we are talking about here looks like when in use.

Reminders+ is really easy to use. To use it, simply open up the Reminders+ app and away you go. Inside the app you choose which reminders you would like to have and how long to have them for, and then they will be displayed for you on the device lock screen after you pin it down by pressing down on it with your finger.

While it’s a great app, it’s not without its issues. iDownloadblog has pointed out a potential major problem with its fundamentals. Reportedly, if you manage to delete a reminder without it being removed from the bulletin, it may very well be trapped on your log screen forever. Something I’m sure nobody out there would be very fond of.

One can only assume this problem will be detected, if it hasn’t already, and an update will be out in the near future to fix it. Until then it is still a very usable tweak as long as you keep the problem in mind.

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