The Evasi0n jailbreak was a revelation to the Jailbreak community looking to jailbreak any device on iOS 6. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always bulletproof when it came to getting along with the Cydia store. There has been a crowd of people wondering about the Error “Cydia wow; you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of” message that has appeared on their screens. Here we will show you how you can fix the issue.

Why did this error message appear? It is much like the problem says. Too many sources are causing it to have too many packages. The data packet itself can host 65,535 packages. The Evasi0n jailbreak may cause this limit to exceed because Cydia itself already consists of 40,000 packages. If you add extra sources without deleting other sources, this message will appear.

So how do I fix the problem? All you have to do is get rid of some of the other sources to make room for the new ones you are trying to fit in.

Understood. So how do I do that? Navigate to Cydia > Manage > Sources followed by clicking edit. Make way by removing a source that already exists before you go about adding a new one in.

Don’t forget that if you are reading this around mid-204 the new Pangu jailbreak tool is out with its own China app store and the usual Cydia store. We have also witnessed Evasi0n 7 since this issue came to light.

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