As a self-confessed Star Wars geek, you can bet I didn’t go through my childhood without picking up a Star Wars game even if it meant playing the first few levels, many times because of the inability to work out how to get through a certain tunnel (possibly a glitch) with my light saber. It was enough of a problem to put me off investing such a great deal of cash on another one, but I did enjoy the time I had with it. Years later and into the present day, after finally picking up another game on the Xbox 360, it’s fair to say they don’t make them like they used to. Much of the feeling is gone, and it’s just a free for all battle of the ages — not that that’s without its perks. Star Wars on a Smartphone hasn’t really been considered as a practical way to play up until this point.

At this point, the Knights of the old Republic game has been for iPad 2 and up, only due to its larger screen size and considered a better option. However, the developers are now saying that they feel confident enough to release this on a universal level so that people with iPhones can play the app also.

To make this all possible the creators will be releasing an update after it was originally released back in May of 2013. If you already have the iPad, then there is no real point in updating unless there are also other things included which haven’t yet been mentioned. If you are using an iPhone, however, then this update will be the first time, you can see it available to be downloaded and purchased from the official app store.

So far reports have this game as being well worth the money it is asking you to spend upon the purchase, and some are even calling it one oft he best RPG’s of the modern era. Even though they are listing it as universal, there is some talk that it won’t go down under the iPhone 4S. That means you will either have to use it or the 5 or 5S for it to work. At this point that is just hearsay and hasn’t been said by anybody in the team.

It’s good to finally get another Star Wars name under the belt and seeded for play. Lately it’s only been Tiny Death Star that has been out and before that it seems like Star Wars was around because of all the Angry Bird releases involving the name. The fact that Rovio went out and did all of that could well have worked in their favor as the spent bundles of time in preparation for this that has lived up to the hype.

The price for the iPad was $9.99 so we are assuming the same, if not very similar, for when it comes to the mobile.

Via 148Apps