The Moto X is Motorola’s work only, as Google only helped with the funding after the eventual buyout that took place that put the Moto brand under the arms of the big G, but that didn’t stop people flocking left right and center for this one. They’ve also done a great job at marketing this phone and keeping their buzz going or as long as possible by releasing new, fresh things for it to keep users excited.

After we saw the Moto maker the next cool thing that was added was the wooden back plate casing that comes in all different designs and styles — some light, some dark, and all showcasing what is a different wood grain. This has been news recently, and it would be coming in time for the holidays, or at least that’s what we had assumed.

Not so fast though, as it turns out if this tweet which was found today turns out to have any merit to it. It comes directly from Motorola Mobility which is the specific group of guys responsible for shipping them in. They have come out to plain and simply say “put the DIY projects on hold, trust us”. Understandably, they have received many inquiries about what’s the deal, and this is their vague response. However, we are able to put two and two together and know that what this social media post is referring to.

After just coming off another blunder where Cyber Monday sales were put on hold due to a sever that couldn’t hold the weight, it’s not a great time for testing the consumers’ patience yet again. We are now only a matter of weeks away from Christmas day, and if you were thinking of buying this for a friend, or indeed yourself, it may be time to take a look elsewhere for new ideas.

Via: Android Central, the tweet itself: @Motorola