T-mobile has always been a brand in the mobile industry that gets mentioned with all the other big names, so it’s saddening to hear that they could be on the way out. The phone company could be in the latest to succumb to the tight money constraints of today’s humbling world we are living in. It would mean that Sprint would take over for them. The good news is that it would still run under the T-mobile name, so from the outside looking in, there isn’t much of a difference. It also helps ease the pain of the previous owners seeing the brand they once created still alive and kicking.

There were some concerns when T-mobile decided not to take up any of Nokia’s latest models. These were the Lumia 520 and the Lumia 2525. Both of them aren’t really Smartphones, but more phablets and tablets. That’s not typical behavior of a thriving company. Instead, it could be seen as trying to only sell what is wise under constraints.

That was overlooked to a degree because only one month before it, they had picked up three new handsets: the Alcatel One Touch Evolve, Alcatel One Touch Fierce and the Samsung Galaxy Light. None of these three really had any significant impact in the phone-sphere.

Something they have been very keen on lately is buying into what is called Spectrum. They looked to raise as much money as they possibly could to get in on the action of this technology. They were then rumored to be involved in a bid-off with AT&T to buy out the Verizon share of Spectrum.

One of the greatest problems the world is facing during these tough times as we try to stay out of recession is the difficulty in keeping prices low. This then makes it really hard for the smaller size carriers to fight off the big ones. If we don’t help the smaller companies survive, then the big ones will effectively control everything, and that isn’t a good thing or the consumer. If that happens then they can raise prices to whatever they please, and there’s really nothing we can do about it. Right now the best thing for everybody is to keep these companies honest and in competition without a smaller one like T-Mobile is forced to go all-in and lose out.

Via: WSJ