Those of you who only thought pebble was doing well because of its sympathy votes for being a pioneer, think again.

No, it’s not because people voted it as a product they wanted, and they feel like they were a part of it all either. It seems the fact that it can do what all the others can just about as well or the same has opened up big doors, and it will have its own App store by 2014, according to reports.

This plan is already so far advanced that we know it will have seven different categories to explore: notifications, games, daily, watch faces, remotes, tool and utilities.

Pebble, owners of the first ever Smartwatch, have always managed to have good quality, compatibility with Android apps even though their name has nothing to do with the company. This was a very important hurdle to overcome.

Now, as we head into the new year, it seems they don’t want to be fazed out at all and will create its own platform for developers to operate out of, as well as give consumers an official place to search for the latest pieces of work that can be used in conjunction with the watch.

It shall be an interesting time because it’s also going to be the same year that we see the powerhouse, Apple, and other big names like HTC jump into the market for the first time. This will pose a huge threat to a company like Pebble, who arguably are only still surviving thanks to a lack of competitors.

If trends are anything to go by, they will still struggle with the age-old problem of there not being enough people on the platform, and then the developers won’t create applications for it because the business isn’t there. If there is one way to fight against this from happening, it is to arrive early on the scene and don’t try and gain what is already lost. For that reason it’s great to see Pebble stepping in and trying to make that happen early on and kudos to them for being able to do it. Hopefully they stick around because they deserve to be in the business as much as anyone.

Via Pebble