The age-old problem exposes itself once again: devices being pushed out for Christmas, but too close to the Christmas break if you wanted it as a present because they become so popular that the shipment times expand out and end up being too long. That’s the downside of this announcement about the new Jolla Smartphone which has made a last-minute attempt to expand across Europe.

It’s not the first time we have seen these phones and CEO of Jolla, Tomi Pienimäki, has publicly announced how pleased he is with the current sales, calling it “off to a flyer”.

This one reminds us a lot of the Windows Phone in design only with a Sailfish operating system. That in itself is something worth checking out because it’s never been featured inside a Smartphone before this one. That intern, will give users an experience like no other — whether for better or worse is yet to be figured out.

In hindsight, it won’t affect how well this mobile does to a great degree because a handset of this caliber is generally out of the occasional gift zone anyway. With that being said, it still would have to result in a loss of some amount because we all know at least one person who goes that extra mile to get a lover something in this range. There is also a way of placing a card which states that the gift is on its way, if you don’t mind it physically not being under the tree.

You can check out many of the Windows-based similarities like the colorful decks and similar contour shapes in this clip below:

For now, it’s big dreams for the developers on this one, who envision several million eventually getting sold — that’s their current goal anyway. By the middle of last month it was clear that this would be a genuine competitor inside of the mid-range market. That’s a packed market to jump into, which often results in tragedy and not triumph. But with the new Sailfish OS, it certainly has a chance to work in the short-term at least.

The OS will already come fully compatible with Android and iOS apps so that they can be downloaded from the stores and enjoyed like normal apps would be. As it stands today, they don’t have their own app store, though. That will be the next big challenge if they look like sticking around into 2014 and beyond.

There is a range of colors like red, blue, yellow and pink. There is also a mysterious color which is more on the lighter side like a cyan shade.