The CyanogenMod team has released news today that they are in the midst of celebrating reaching 10 million downloads on unique devices — it’s worth noting these figures aren’t necessarily for unique people. Still, that’s an impressive number considering how much trouble they have had lately with the official installer that was automatically taken away from the Google Play store.

At this time people’s first thoughts were that the custom scene may have headed for a fall, because if Google themselves weren’t open any more, then what chance do the rest of us have of enjoying anything since they have long been known as the most open company of them all.

Observing today how the jailbreak scene is still very well alive and kicking after the Evasi0n release for an untethered iOS 7 jailbreak, it’s obvious that the scene is still growing and not subtracting from what we can tell, and that’s great news.

The whole Google Play debacle isn’t over yet with the installer failing to come back. It is available for download from the Cyan official website though, and just used that way instead. It was more the lack of branding and easy access that worried people of losing a customer base.

You may remember when we announced that the Oppo N1 would come pre-loaded with CyanogemMod. Well the day is just about here when we will see these handsets get launched. That can only further propel them into higher numbers than what they are now because this will be a handset that sells really well. The release will be Christmas Eve in American time.

Last Monday we reports were that nightly builds would now come with encrypted SMS. That will work as being a good thing for your privacy and not a bad thing. And nightly, of course, being the build that gets released before it becomes a final one. However, it’s now come to light as being still very stable.

Via: Android and Me