You might recall us filling you in on the news about a new program called Sprint Spark for “sparking” better speeds. This came out in late 2013 and was only available for people inside of Chicago.

If things went well, we knew it would expand from there and with a bit of luck eventually become a full-time working service for just about everybody that uses Sprint as a carrier across the United States.

Today news broke that Spark has now migrated over to 10 new areas, as well as the already existing area inside of Chicago. Once you start using it, data speeds of up to 60 Mbps will flow.

To find out more details you can head over to the official Sprint website where we found this breaking news.

Hesse has already stated that he expects Sprint to have a massive year and be seen as the company that is remembered for breaking out during 2014. It was all T-Mobile in 2013, and nobody is denying that including Hesse himself.

They have been in the news a lot of late, just hours ago announcing an all new family plan for groups of people. They also just finished up a big holiday give away consisting of Galaxy Tab 3.7.0 and the Galaxy Note 3 both being offered up in great deals.

2013 wasn’t so great for them and especially Q3 of the year when they announced deficits of as much as $398 million.