This is the time of year when we get to see a wide-range of new mobile phones come out, generally thanks to the CES convention that always takes place now.

We have blogged about the first coming of this phone last year, but after its release, we honestly forgot all about it its venture was that quiet. Having said that, the handset seems to have done so well that it will stick around for a second coming, and that’s where the “C” comes into play. Nobody knows exactly how that name came about, but it’s what they have done.

It doesn’t just stop at these two from the new “Open” series either. These have been given the green light now so that they can be talked about because they are considered more on the low-end side of things. However, Firefox have revealed plans to also delve into the high-end side of things during 2014 which will be amazing to see what they can come up with.

Keeping in mind this is just an announcement and not a launch. That will also work well for some extra marketing on boosting the already existing model numbers. Like we said before , this promotional piece about a second generation coming, we honestly forgot all about it.

There’s also more great news in store for Mozilla who is the brand behind the featured browser on some of Panasonic’s new smart TV’s. This will be a separate project all together and has nothing to do with mobiles, but it will keep them known as a great brand since the decline of traditional desktop computers has well and truly come into play.

Personally, we are really happy to see what they can do and are hoping for the best. They are a name that we have known for a long time dating back to when it was just a computer browser, and even though it was never the daily drive, it’s always good to know some other names that are still alive and kicking in the industry. We look forward to hopefully purchasing at least something on the lower end of the spectrum ourselves in the months ahead.

One of the reasons we didn’t hear much about those out on the western side of the world is because they were originally for making their mark over in India. India might not have the strongest economy in the world, but they do have a lot of people who also love their technology like it’s almost cool over there.