When it comes to launchers Android has many of them, and as we head into the future, more and more people are starting to pick up on what they are and download some of them that don’t just come native to their handsets after they buy them.

Today, news broke from current CEO, Marissa Mayer, that Yahoo had found the need to buy out popular launcher app, Aviate, for an undisclosed amount. This marks the 31st app that the Sunnyvale company has purchased since it made some big internal changes in 2012. It may mark that the beginning of something new is just around the corner.

We took our first look at this one back in October of last year, and immediately we could see it was unique. Often this is the quality in something that makes it so appealing to the larger tech brands. Sometimes it’s so that they can work out what they developer had done to make something happen, and other times it’s so that they can actually use it under the same name that it already has.

It remains unseen what exactly Yahoo plan on doing with this one, but it’s not surprising that it did end up being bought out. It Goes without saying that the Californian guys are not big inside of the Smartphone industry, currently owning a grand total of zero to their name. For that reason it’s even more interesting about what they plan on doing with an Android launcher.

If you haven’t used this application before, you shouldn’t have to worry as it will stay live and running for the time being. Yahoo Inc has sent out invitations to thousands of guests to join up and use it, which likely suggests that it isn’t going anywhere behind closed doors just yet.

We liked what we saw with this one because it changes along with your day into different zones depending on the time. That is something we haven’t yet seen another company manages to pull off.

Even though Yahoo Inc doesn’t make mobile phones directly, they are the owners of a very popular app and search engine that gets used heavily for mobile traffic. There’s talk about them using some of the great features that Aviate has as standard on top of their work instead.

Via The Verge