2014 has long been rumored the year of the TV. We should see major advancements by the way of Google TV, Apple TV and even some competitors. One of those is of course none other than Chromecast, which was also developed by Google.

It’s the little gadget that can do big things and now, thanks to Google’s partnership with Motorola, you can now pick up one of these brilliant pieces of technology when you buy a brand new Moto X.

It isn’t anywhere near as big a deal as the big time TV deals like mentioned above, but it will be about $35 dollars in value free in your pockets. Given that this Smartphone is on the cheaper side of things anyway, that makes it great value for money.

The Mountain View company and Motorola teamed up as partners so that’s why we are seeing this deal. They have also been very smartly bringing out new parts to keep the hype up on these phones. Here is what could be considered the latest iteration of that.

One thing we don’t know yet is if this offer will also apply to the developer additions. If you want to learn more there are unboxing clips available on YouTube, and to try to twist your arm even more, take a look at the Moto maker and the new engraving options that are available for the back covers. The options are limitless, and it really is the big selling point with this handset.

The accessory on offer here today is also a neat little tool that can connect your device to the television so you can use it as a remote control.

Via: Motorola