It wasn’t long ago that we covered one or two other U.S mobile carriers in a deal that was offering the Moto G up for a measly $99. Today, Verizon has decided that it’s a deal that they would also be inclined to include in their lineup.

Up until now we had only seen The big ‘V’ manage to come out with theirs being sold at Best Buy stores. It will be staying that way for the time being, but only on a better deal than it was available for the last time.

The Moto G is one of the best values for money, offering a good quality quad-core Snapdragon processor as well as the popular Gorilla Glass that covers the newest Smartphones in the Android market.

You also get the chance to deck it out in custom stuff just like you would do with the Moto X which was his big brother version.

We reported that the big red company were planning on making big strides this year in 2014. We have seen them do just that so far in what has been a small sample size of the new year as we nearly make our way to the halfway mark of the first month into it.

As for the Moto G, it is looking like following a similar market trend to that of its counterpart, with the wise companies who own it offering new deals in small pieces to keep the sales ticking over. It started off on a bit of a bad note for some because they couldn’t tell the difference between the international DVX model and the G model. Once this confusion was better understood it was back to business as usual.

Via: AndroidAuthority