The Z1f isn’t a name that much of the western world knows, however, we can fill you in on the news that it gets its name from being the cheaper version of the original Z1. That in itself is the second coming of the Z — both of which are known as the Sony flagship handsets, in a similar fashion to what the Galaxy S4 is to Samsung.

When people say it is selling more than the iPhone, which other sites have covered today, we find that information a little skewed. This year the fruit company brought out two different models of course, and this news is only related to the iPhone 5S. Still, we all know that particular Smartphone as arguably the most popular name in the world now, and even though it’s really expensive, and the Z1f is cheap, it still comes in as somewhat of a surprise that it’s managing to sell so many units in Japan.

In ZF1 phone’s defense, it has been well documented to have amazing benchmark test results. For the money that it is, it’s without a shadow of a doubt, a good way to spend your hard-earned money.

A 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor isn’t usually the kind of chip you would expect to find a cheaper option for starters. From there, Sony has managed to do this one out in as much bang for the buck potential as possible. It really manages to outperform most mini option handsets out there by simply putting more into it.

If you didn’t know already, this mini version of the Z1 comes in black, pink-red, lime and white. I put a hyphen between two of them because what answer you get there depends on who you talk to. It’s not a really obvious pinkish tinge at all, but at the same time it’s hardly a cherry red.

If you like taking pictures then you’ll be pleased with the 20 Megapixel camera that it has been given. That in itself manages to rival some serious competition.

There was also an international version that was released, but because this handset was native in japan, when they say overseas they are referring to the rest of the world. For that reason the name that we have given here is the correct one for the place. This part of the world is also notorious for supporting their local produce. That could also be part of the reason we have seen these results.

You might also remember us talking a lot about a Smartphone called the Honami that was coming. Well, that is actually this phone. It was later changed to the name we have here.

The picture we have shown here is from the first ever promo video that came out for it.

Via: Sonyviet