What once started out as a Smartwatch was then downgraded to more of a sports and fitness watch instead depending on who you talked to. The gadget in question is the MOTOACTV by Motorola and the 16GB version has just gone on sale for $129.99. This deal is a big price drop of around 50% from a store called Woot. Before that it has already seen another price drop of $100. All up they are now dirt cheap, and if you didn’t think it was money well spent before, you’d be hard-pressed to find another deal to beat it now

Its main features are fitness and music, almost acting like the Nike Fuel band, but with some added extra components including music so you don’t need your iPod to go along with it.

We don’t dislike this MOTOACTV and to be fair, it did come out in 2011 so it was one of the pioneers. But if you ask us it is one of the least pretty Smartwatches now on the market. As with a lot of these wearable tech-toys, it’s not so much how they look, but what they can do for you instead. If that is the case, then this one definitely has a reason to be worn by many and still does enough to separate itself and be a legitimate option to wear at the same time.

It started off as an Android-based bit of equipment, but then about a year into its life it began to die down in popularity. This was also the same time we started to hear the news about the others coming in. That’s when it first saw its big update that brought in a slew of different fitness options that could be used when being worn around the wrist.

Furthermore, it was also given the best Bluetooth device award for 2012 at the CES convention. That achievement in itself speaks volumes because the CES is one of the biggest things that happens in tech and that award would look great on any companies mantelpiece.

Now that we are in 2013, news came to light that Motorola had filed another trademark for a Smartwatch name. That more than likely means that we will see a different gadget all together come out next and this one could be leaving us. It won’t necessarily go. There’s a chance that Motorola will have two of them and both receiving newer versions as the years go on. However, it is a possibility that it may well become extinct soon — something to note before you rush out and buy one.

You can see the special deal here.