We’ve spoken a lot about the iWatch and the HTC entry that is coming next year, but there’s another name that might be beating them all to it: Archos.

Archos aims to please with the cheapest Smartwatches we’ve seen come out yet. You are forgiven for not seeing this one coming, and for that matter, still not knowing about their plans because they are referring to wearable tech as the connected objects instead over in France.

Inside the new family tree that will all be revealed soon is tablets used as a central hub to create a smart home. Also included will be the weather station balls, smart cams, smart trackers and the watches themselves. These will work hand in hand with each other, but it won’t stop there. Archos also plans to make their watches compatible with IOS as well as Android to try to stretch out the user-base.

The downside with anything on the cheaper side is that it always seems to come out with the old firmware. This one will be coming to Android 4.2.2, which is nothing to complain about in its own right, but it’s far from the latest bit of software.

The good news is that it will no doubt be receiving updates to get you up to speed — eventually.

The idea of a smart home is nothing new, but many people refused to believe it was possible to keep the costs down low enough to where it will be a realistic achievement. We’ve said it many times, and we’ll say it again: they are coming, and they will be around whether you like it or not. Homes are in for some big changes over the next couple of decades, and if you’re a lover of technology then you’re going to love what is coming, so stay tuned.

It will be very interesting to see how this works out for them and what we will see from the competition that will surly be soon to follow.

Archos has had a good year so far and launched a range of products including the 101 XS 2, the 53 Platinum, 97 Titanium HD tablet and a little something for the gamers out there: the GamePad 2.

Via: Archos