When we think Android we think fun and cheap. This usually involves some colors on the skins of the handsets and not the usual dull gray, black or even white options like what we see from other popular manufacturers such as Windows Phone and iPhone.

This phablet is still a work in progress and hasn’t come out yet. There were rumors that broke around the start of December about it is coming at the MWC in 2014. Because it isn’t close to that date we don’t know what the color line up will be. This green version has just become news today, thanks to Sam Mobile who is a website that cover all things Samsung.

It’s safe to say that we will also be witnessing more colors that will be more of the standard variety, but anything that gets a bit more flamboyant is given a miss because of the smaller market this Note Lite LTE is in.

They name a device Lite because it is a cheaper version of the original. Along with that you can expect less specs and possibly a different shape all together — although we expect this one to hold the same looks. Reports have the size of it is up to 5.7 inches in length. It is dropping the usual Super AMOLED display and replacing it with an LCD one.

It will be the goods as long as they manage to keep the RAM up so that it doesn’t resemble the Note 2 instead. We already have reports that it will be given the Quad-core processor. It will also have the lesser screen resolution of 720 x 1280.

Once we bring in the new year there will be a lot of talk about the SM-N7505. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on any news that we hear. The exact color given in the picture above is what we are expecting. There are a few different shades of lime green and this one is more on the subtle side. With a phablet, the last thing you want is really bright shades taking up a ton of area — it’s an easy way to get sick of it really quickly. That’s another reason we are so interested to see what the rest of the colors will be when they eventually get launched.

For now we know that Samsung has started to produce up to 1.5 million of the Lite LTE’s in the factories already.

Via: Sam Mobile