We’ve reviewed many phone cases in our time and this is one of the most innovative solutions we’ve come across. Dubbed the ‘smart cover with display,” the new Sony Style Cover SCR24 gives users a restricted view of the smartphone screen by narrowing the Windows to the middle view. Not too dissimilar to the S View flip case by Samsung, the SCR gives maximum protection while still letting users access the essentials from the display.

You see, you can adjust the widgets and application on the home-screen so they fit in the windows using the NFC function. However, the number of apps are restricted so it doesn’t suit everyone. In case you didn’t hear, flip smartphones are official back in fashion, and while the SCR24 doesn’t deliver the same experience, it doesn’t serve as a reminder of those wonderful days.


The newfangled cases by Sony come in four different colors including white, black, Turquoise (that looks more light green) and copper. Sony Xperia cases are nothing new. They offer a wide range for just about any design. The latest we’ve seen include the “barely there” case for the original Xperia Z. They even make battery covers for the Z Ultra. It goes without saying if you don’t prefer the design on display here, you ought to keep looking around since there are numerous other options available from eBay and other online retailers.


The case makes use of magnetic sensors and includes magnetic charging pins that works with the DK48 magnetic charging dock.