If you own the Sony Xperia M2 Aqua you ought to keep an eye on the notifications panel as a new Android 4.4.4 KitKat version is rolling out OTA. We know there are two different model numbers receiving the 18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware. Firstly, those residing in the US with the D2406 model number have the firmware rolling. Furthermore, those in Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland with the D2403 variant are also finding the same firmware.

As I previously mentioned, the 18.3.1.C.0.21 firmware is rolling out now to several countries. However, it’s also the same number we saw come out for the original M2 device with the D2306 model number.

M2 Aqua

Since we already know 4.4.2 comes with the bulk of the features including transparent status and navigation bars, wireless printing, color emoji, full screen movie art from the lock screen, full screen album art from the lock screen and new location menu, we know the final stages of KitKat are mainly for Google security patches, bug fixes and slight performance enhancements. We know 4.4.4 comes with a fix for the Open SSL security and a revamped phone dialer with a different font and blue color.

By way of contrast, the Sony Xperia Z2’s recent software update to 4.4.4 Kitkat comes with many native upgrades to the Japanese phone-makers handset. Inside users found PS4 Remote Play, Ultra Stamina Mode, new toggles to the Quick Settings menu, new Smart Social Camera applications, Hi-Resolution audio, smartwatch remote Bluetooth Unlock and more. So, it’s possible we see Sony release some updates yet again.

There is no official change-log for this release; therefore, we’d love you to leave comments with anything you’ve found in the latest iteration. Do you have relief from previously known bugs? Is there a new feature?

Those wishing to air on the side of caution will prefer backing up the market apps, syncing the phone contacts and backing the SMS text messages with helium for Android. If you are looking for extra storage space up in the cloud you can try Google Drive which offers a limited amount of free storage space.

As you probably know, over the air updates come out in stages to everyone. That means some of you are already witnessing the arrival of the firmware and others may be waiting until the end of the week. Once it’s there you know the drill: tap the “install now’ option and “download”. If you are away from a stable WiFi connection it’s a great idea to put the installation on hold. You can always stopover at Menu >  Settings > Software Updates > Check For Update that way and start installing the file. Occasionally these software updates are available from the Sony PC Companion only. You can check the Companion if your aren’t noticing anything arriving OTA.