Sony is updating the movie Creator application to version 2.2.A.0.8. You can find the updated app from the official Update center. It brings in three main feature including automatic prompt for when it’s ready to create a highlight movie, more access to music from the cloud and manually start the highlight movie. It’s a step up from the earlier 2.1.A.0.7 build and the 2.1.A.0.5 build. If you don’t have it available OTA you can find the direct link here. The total file size is 8.7 MB, therefore it doesn’t take long to install.

You should always install the files using the WiFi connection and not the mobile data plan to avoid unwanted data charges. Furthermore, the WiFi if faster and provides a more stable connection.


Reports suggest that some user are experiencing problem with the “create” button after installing the latest iteration. If that becomes a problem for many they’ll rollout another incremental update. Please let us know if you face any issues with the new installment by dropping a comment below!

Those wishing to air on the side of caution ought to back up the market apps using Helium for Android. That way if something goes wrong you have copies of the existing apps.