Notifications are great and don’t always come from unchaining the OS. there’s lots of stock options we have for alerts and they play a vital part in many of our lives. Without them we couldn’t stay up to date and see things when others wish we did. However, there is a dark side to them and that’s if you don’t have them working the way you wish, they could become a pain. Here’s another new tweak for the banner notifications. This time with Slide2Dismiss, all you have to do is simply swipe across in true Apple style to get rid of any up and coming notes.

There’s a few options to go along with it. For example, it isn’t picky which way you choose to swipe your hand. It works for both left and right directions. You can watch the notifications follow your hand across. If you go all the way until the end of the screen, the banner notification will follow you and disappear when it runs out of the screen.

Slide2Dismiss is really easy to install. There are no settings involved at all. Simply upload it from the repository and install it.

It’s a free tweak if you want to check it out. Head over to the BigBoss repo to download and install it on your Apple-based handset now.