There is no set date, but the release of the budget iPhone to go along with the flagship 5s, is all but imminent. Nothing shown is official, however, we have never seen such a magnitude of leaks either, which basically confirm everything — wiping out the most skeptical of skeptics.

It leads to a rather dull, eventual release date, and that’s for the people watching. Just how annoyed the Cupertino company might get can only be left to the imagination.

If there’s any time to enjoy the new-made mobiles basking in all of their glory, it’s as soon as we get some good images of leaks. We have arguably had that already, but what we haven’t had is enough perspectives. The perfect way of implementing that is to put the budget iPhone, side-by-side with the flagship iPhone 5s, which is launching around the same time, if not the same day.

Here’s the new images which were leaked today:

Whilst there is still no official invitation sent out by Apple, people can expect the release to be very soon. The reason being is that we also know that the iOS 7 final build should come out at the same time. And well, we have already just seen the fifth beta version of iOS 7.

Personally, I’ve always been impressed with the budget iPhone’s looks. I’m actually a bit of a fan of the plastic fantastic, and as the new images keep on coming, that feeling only seems to grow fonder. Call me crazy, but if it wasn’t for the lack of specs I might even prefer it to the iPhone 5S.

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