Blackberry has confirmed that 3 of the top executives will be leaving the company after the Canadian company failed to produce the goods this year. Carmine Arabia, Graeme Whittington and Doug Kozak will be packing their bags effective immediately.

Blackberry has struggled to make any grounds in a market in which they had struggled for years already. They had hoped this was their year. It wasn’t the case, however, with Microsoft gaining most of what they planned on dominating in the market.

Because of this, RIM has decided to go in a new direction, starting with staff. It is safe to assume there will be more shuffling around inside the company in the next few months also.

The official statement:

“As stated before, we are in the second phase of our transformation plan where we will be assessing our organization — from top to bottom — to make sure we have the right people in the right roles with the right skill sets to drive new opportunities in mobile computing. We will be as transparent as possible as plans evolve.”-Rebecca Freiburger, BlackBerry spokeswoman”

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