Since the latest Jailbreak release, Siri Cydia tweaks have been coming in from all angles. At one stage it almost started getting a bit repetitive and I began losing interest. However, that was quickly proven to be a mistake. Not once after actually checking the tweak have I been disappointed, and as they keep coming, they keep getting better also. A lot of the Siri tweaks have created extra efficiency when using Siri. The latest tweak, SiriBoard is no compromise either, and it yet again, manages to take it to new levels.


The latest one called SiriBoard lets user’s launch Siri straight up from the home screen. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The iPhone 4s is proving so popular to this day, sales continue to roll on strongly. Even when I tell people the iPhone 5 isn’t far away and its something you will want to know, nearly all of them don’t care, they want their 4s and they want it now at any cost. Given the popularity of the iPhone voice assistant, Siri, it’s no surprise that each iPhone 4s user uses Siri on an almost daily basis.  And that’s what makes these tweaks so special. To create something extra efficient like this is a huge advantage to many and I highly recommend it to any iPhone 4S user to take these kind of tweaks seriously.

SiriBoard can be download for free from the cydia store.