If you’re having trouble keeping track of your jailbroken iPhone battery usage, then here is a fantastic tweak which will solve all your problems and then some.

BatteryDoctorPro is a fantastic Jailbreak tweak developed by Kingsoft Security. It is essential a battery life meter with a bunch of extras including shortcut toggles, battery usage information, app usage breakdowns, used memory and a whole lot more.


With BatteryDoctorPro, you have the ability to transfer the toggles that you use constantly or want quick access to, straight into the pull down notification center. The first difference you will notice upon downloading this tweak will be on your lock screen when your device is charging. If you press the ‘Home’ button you can see at a glance what percentage your battery is charged up to and how long it has to go to reach 100%.

It really does give you full range and control over your device as well as educating you in the inner workings of you battery, at any time hit the ‘Rank’ button and you can view open apps running in the background and how long they have been running for and how much of your battery usages is being used up on them.

Within the tweak choose from Outdoor, Indoor or Sleeping mode. All modes can be configured to suite your everyday needs, turn on and off different toggles, set your screen brightness percentage, and even change WiFi and Data options within each mode.

This tweak is a great help to those iPhone users suffering from a serious case of ‘stupidbatterydiestoquickitus’ which is becoming an all too common condition. Within the ‘Settings’ menu you can change your devices options within categories such as Low-Power, Sleep and Standby.

BatteryDoctorPro is most definitely one of our favourites and is available new through the BigBoss Repo absolutely free for those running iOS 4x or higher. Well worth the download.

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