Just the other day i wrote about a great Cydia tweak that read out notifications for people with iPhone’s and today i stumbled across an app for Android users that does the same thing only this one doesn’t require root access at all and it’s completely free. The app i speak of is called SpeakMe and can be obtained for free from the Google Play store. Check out after the jump for direct download links to SpeakMe.

Whilst there have been a few different apps to do this on iOS, Android users have not been so lucky. So, to not only find this little gem, but to find it for free is really great if you’re an Android owner.


The SpeakMe app even does something that the other iOS ones that I’ve seen don’t and that is it also gives you the option to pick and choose which notifications exactly it is that you want called out. There is no limit in the amount of apps you want to pick to hear either which is great. About the only thing to complain about is that you have to select the apps that you want to hear, as a pose to it being set on all apps and then you deselect which ones you don’t want to hear, making it less work for the user. (Assuming the user is going to want to hear the majority.) which in my case, would prove true.

This SpeakMe app is brand new and could be for free because it may have a few creases that need ironing out. However, all reports that I have come across so far from people who have tried it out already say it seems pretty flawless so far.

If you’re worried about what the UI might be like, don’t be. It really couldn’t be set out any simpler and shouldn’t take anyone very long to learn the ropes of what’s going on here. On the apps home screen you will find a button, use this to pick and choose which apps you want and don’t want called out to you and that’s really all there is to it. There is also an option here to check your favourite TTS engine from the same screen.

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