The Dreamboard Cydia Tweak is an innovative theme manager which would be viewed as an alternative to Winterboard. The Dreamboard Cydia tweak is designed for iOS 4.0 and above which shouldn’t be a problem now days.

Dreamboard Cydia tweak shakes up the look and feel of your iOS in a big way. Dreamboard gives you the option to place anything, anywhere and that can only be a good thing! Dreamboard also makes toggling between themes a really easy thing to do. It will only take you a matter of seconds to flick through all the themes you have.


The Dreamboard Cydia app combines all of the best features from Winterboard, Backboard and PerPage HTML and put them cleverly all onto the one app (Dreamboard).

To get the DreamBoard Cydia app up and running all you have to do is go and get the app, launch it and then choose your theme. Three simple steps and you’re done.

The best part about Dreamboard is that it doesn’t have to be restarted every time you wish to change something, instead it allows you to back up your Springboard and then reload the stored configuration.

You also get a free copy of Endroid thrown in which was originally designed as a HTC theme.

The Dreamboard Cydia tweak is for iPhone and iPad. Some compatibility issues with certain themes have been recorded with the iPad but it is still deemed to be compatible with the iPad, so if you come across a theme that doesn’t work try picking another one and you should find success.