We all view gaming on mobile differently to that of the traditional console games. To go along with that we all have our preferences in what we love to play via the mobile platform. For me personally, there can never be enough ninja games to try. They’re always the kind of games that you can’t continually sit down for weeks and be totally capitulated in the experience. However, there is always something about them that I really enjoy, even if it is just for ten minutes at a time. When it comes to Smartphones, need I say more? That makes for the perfect start to a seasonal relationship with your slash and gash, slice and dice ninja experience.

This one called Shadow Blade is for iOS and Android, and it doesn’t do much to create amazing graphics, but it does create a unique enough of an experience to leave you satisfied that you gave it a try even after having played plenty of others over the years already.

Shadow Blade promo

The game play is more reminiscent of a tower defense game where it is more of a birds-eye view, set back from a distance so there is plenty of the shot in play instead of having up close graphics with the quality as a focal point.

Instead of just killing people and trying to survive enemy onslaughts, there’s plenty of things to collect and tests involved in getting around the stages themselves. It manages to create a good balance between action and roaming around the place so that you don’t always feel under pressure to try to live, resulting in a serious high blood pressure issue, or to the point where you just want to put the handset down and give up. The latter point made is the biggest issue in today’s games. They don’t make this app really long like they used to make console games back in the day. There’s always the developers trying to manage the difference between spending a lot of time creating games and making enough money to get by. Shadow Blade does a good job at combining the two.

If you’re looking for something a little more kid-friendly, you can try out Clumsy Ninja that has also been available since November of last year.

If you don’t want to take my word for it you can check out the official gameplay clip below: