Yahoo doesn’t do a lot right lately, and I highly protest the amount of net traffic they get because if you go to the website you then need to go to another page for searching images, which is something I see as deliberately done to rack up extra page views, but animated GIF’s in the official iOS app is without a doubt something I am fond of.

Yes, I love the GIF — that little short “vine-like” video clip that recurs until you get bored with watching it. As with most things on the web, the more MB it takes to use, the longer it takes to load, and this has caused many of the main social networking sites having to say no to using them as profile pictures.

Yahoo Sports

If you browse Twitter and other options, many of the GIF’s you will see are for sports. Whether it’s a replay of something that was on last night, or whether it was a spectacular play that happened in a sport that you’re not even that interested in, these fun animations are a great way to see content.

This update is a complete upgrade given especially for iOS 7. All applications need to update before the deadline given by Apple, and those that fail to do so will be removed from the App Store. Most the big names hurry along and give extra time into creating some new features to keep up with the times. This acts as a way of killing two birds with one stone.

To get it, all you have to do is type the name into the bar situated inside of the app store. Those people who already have the app get notifications sent directly to the Inbox that an updated version is ready for download. This is normally seen as a red mark in the corner of the official application icon on the Springboard. It is also generally represented by a number, and the number will tell you how many apps are ready to be updated. For example, if the number 7 being displayed in red, then we know that there are 7 apps ready for the update.

It’s been a while since we have seen anything good come from Yahoo Inc and Android users seem left out in the cold, yet again, for now. To be fair, it’s only because of the new software/firmware that this is for and that’s why it’s a Cupertino only option now. It should eventually shift to every platform, though if considered a success.

Via: YahooSports