If you didn’t know what BBM was before 2013, chances are you noticed it after it became supremely popular when the application ventured outside of just being a Blackberry only messaging service, and arrived on the Android and iOS platforms.

It came out for the both of the iconic labels in October of last year. Furthermore, it only took a week after the releases on Apple and Google’s mobile software for the messaging application to reach 80 million users across all brand names.

BBM Android


This update brings in a lot of new emoticons with it — over a hundred of them in fact. When it comes to chatting, they are probably the hottest commodity going around. They give users the chance to add in a bit of personality with their texting, not only making them more entertaining, but also offering a chance to understanding people’s emotions better.

If you head over to the Crackberry forum, some people have posted the screenshots that have all the changes to see. This is a beta release, which not only means that it isn’t in its last build stage, but also that you will need to sign up to the Blackberry beta program. It’s a similar scenario to the iOS and signing up as a developer.

Also included in this update is BBM Voice and BBM Channels. The voice part gives people the chance to connect in a phone call-like way with each other. This will be just as free as everything else you do on it. It’s a bit surprising that it took this long for BBM to come, but it’s here now so there’s no complaints there. With it, it should help expand the client skywards towards the 100 million mark. CEO John Chen describes it as the clearest VoIP out of anything else available.

The UI has also changed with added functionality to make your pictures and video easier to share than it was before. This is quicker at the same time, which usually go together with each other in updates for applications.

Overall, this is a big update that, if you use the service, will be very happy with the changes. If you haven’t started using it, then now is as good a time as ever!

Via: Mobile Syrup