Although there have been many services come out to rival it, NetFlix remains a cut above the rest and not only the pioneer of the “watch online” industry, but also the most popular. As long as you have internet access you can do exactly what it says — watch flicks — by simply tapping on a button and choosing what you want to watch. Before this became popular, ordering DVD’s to your mail box was the most economic form of movie hiring. How fast times change, huh?

From there they then managed to optimize the mobile platform so that people can also watch the movies on the go too. It went to the big names, and one of those is of course our beloved Android.

Netflix Android


Now there is a new version of this app called Netflix 3.1.0, and it is an update that has brought in more features, as well as a few changes to existing ones. The search bar has changed in a similar fashion to the way that we saw the app store get updated a few weeks ago. It’s also becoming a popular trend for a lot of sites and services to do lately. What I’m talking about is making it easier to misspell words in the search bar when users type something in, and it still brings up results so you aren’t left with nothing. There is nothing worse than having to type in the exact match or else something won’t show up. That’s how it was before this update. Now, though, a user can say a word wrong and it will smartly attempt to find what you mean and bring good results by judging on how many people type in a similar name. This has proved to give a good success rate when trying to guess what a user might be attempting to type and bring up results for.

You don’t need any money to download this application because it is free for everyone. You can find it here from the Google Play store.

Before this upgrade, the last one we saw dates back to October of this year when we saw the developers bring in much quicker speed for browsing. This feature was included right across the mobile platform.

The beginning of 2012 was when the United Kingdom first saw NetFlix come out for any phone. To this day it is still struggling to meet expectations for customers trying to use it on Windows Phone. It lacks some of the features that it has on the other platforms.