There’s no shortage of messenger applications as we head into 04, but few have managed to really gain ground in the independent scene and standing away from being a native service on a household name. One name called WhatsApp stands tall above the crowd when thinking about dedicated messengers.

We’ve always known it was the largest in the world, but until recently there was no figure of the exact amount of users. Now there has been new figures come to light which tell us that there are 4 million unique installations up until today. That’s up about 1/4 in 6 months because we know that the mark was 3 million just after July. New surveys have even concluded that it has surpassed Facebook in messages being sent alone, and we all know how popular Facebook is. The figure would be a bit skewed because not everybody who logs into Mark’s famous website simply goes around messaging.

Mark Zuckerberg WhatsApp

Anyway, now the developers have released a newer version that will be slightly better than the last. We always break these updates into two categories: small and large. Smaller ones tend to just be for fixes and not giving users the opportunity to use a new feature. This one here will fall into the small class once again. If you’ve noticed any lags or delays, or anything while using it, it may actually be the service itself and not your handset, or whatever device you are logged in from. Downloading this updated 2.11.152 copy should get you working from a smooth OS once again.

This is only the Android version. You can get yours from this Google Play link here. This is also available on Windows Phone now and of course users can use it. A similar version is heading your way if you are on those platforms instead.

As long as you are running the early stages of Gingerbread this is fine for you to use.

When we see new builds being pushed out, they can sometimes bring in new bugs with them and not just get rid of the old ones. This is always a bit of a problem as you could imagine, but that’s no reason to stop pushing out updates all together or else nothing would ever get fixed. This is to solve some issues that existed from earlier upgrades and not the original faults. It’s hard to go into detail about it with an official change log, and unfortunately for us, the developers didn’t release one this time around.