Some websites go to the effort of scraping firmware files from Samsung’s servers all by themselves and then offer you those files. The problem with such sites is they often have little merit, meaning you have no choice but to assume they’re trustworthy and give you reliable firmware files.

Rather than being another one of these sites, we give you all the information you need to download the official firmware files from Samsung’s servers all by yourself. And you may be surprised by how easy it is to do it yourself.

Developers have been for years developing free Samsung firmware update tools. There used to be some very popular names such as SamFirm. However, due to the rise in websites offering download links, not as many people would use them and the developers would then abandon them assuming that there weren’t enough people using them to go to the trouble of keeping them updated. We’re one site looking to bring back the popularity of such tools.

The following is a list of some of the more popular free Samsung firmware update tools capable of downloading Samsung firmware files directly from Samsung’s servers. Once you have downloaded the file, you can then flash them with the Odin flashing tool.

1. Frija

Frija is a direct replacement for SamFirm. It’s not the only fork but it is one of the most used forks to come from SamFirm. Frija is user-friendly for technical “dummies” because it has an auto-detect feature that when enabled can automatically detect your smartphone’s model number (in this case the Samsung SM-T380), and then download the firmware for that device, so there’s no way you cannot end up with your file. Frija downloads the firmware files directly from Samsung’s servers and it will download the latest available firmware that Samsung has made available for your device.

Download: Frija

2. SamFwTool

Another fork of the original SamFirm tool, SamFwTool can download the latest firmware files for the Samsung SM-T380 smartphone as well. And, like with Frija, there is a feature that allows the SamFwTool to automatically detect the smartphone’s model number and download the correct firmware file you are looking for. The firmware will also be the latest available from Samsung.

Download: SamFwTool