You can download firmware flash files for the Samsung B310E using any of the free Samsung firmware downloading tools.

Many websites offer firmware files for Samsung smartphones. The problem with them in general is you don’t know if what you’re downloading is reliable. Therefore, many people prefer downloading directly from Samsung’s servers instead. Samsung doesn’t offer the chance to download directly from its servers from its own website, but some developers have developed tools that can. The following tools will download Samsung firmware from the official Samsung servers. You can research the tools to find verify many people use them.

Tools to Download the Samsung B310E Flash File

SamFwTool is one of the most popular free Samsung firmware downloading tools. Developed by XDA Member Tungtata, what makes this tool so great is its auto-detect button that will automatically try to detect what smartphone/feature phone it is that you have which is helpful because often even the more technically capable people can struggle with getting the models recognized.

Another reliable tool for downloading free Samaung firmware files directly from Samsung’s servers is Frija. Developed by XDA senior member SlackingVeteran, this tool has the same automatic detection feature as SamFwTool.

Lastly, SamFirm Reborn is a popular tool for downloading free Samsung firmware files from Samsung’s servers. XDA Recognized Developer Ivan_Meler developed this one to take the place of the no longer developed SamFirm. The other two tools above are also forks of SamFirm, but perhaps SamFirm Reborn is most recognized as the successor due to the name.