There are several Windows applications available on GitHub that can help you download Samsung S6 SM-G920V firmware files directly from Samsung’s servers. All of these apps allow you to download Samsung firmware updates for free. And some of them are suitable for “dummies” as well, meaning you don’t need to be very technical to use them, thanks to the automatic detection features.

1. SamFwTool

The most popular tool for downloading Samsung firmware files from Samsung’s servers used to be SamFirm; however, it was continued by the developer. Since then, several forks of that original tool have come into existence. SamFwTool is one of my favorites of those tools.

SamFwTool is developed by XDA Member Tungtata and comes with a feature that can automatically detect your Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920V smartphone and then browse Samsung’s servers for the latest firmware file made for the device. All you need to do is put your Galaxy S6 into MTP Mode and then click on the Auto Detect button from SamFwTool’s interface.

Download: SamFwTool

2. SamFirm.js

XDA Recognized Developer jesec has developed a firmware downloading tool that streams the firmware to your device, meaning you use a web app rather than a desktop app to download these firmware files.

Download: SamFirm.js

3. Samloader

Samloader is another popular alternative capable of downloading the latest Samsung firmware files for your Galaxy S6 smartphone. There is also a web API variant of the same tool called SamFetch that you can use instead if you prefer.

Download: Samloader