The Samsung J120A smartphone comes with Factory Reset Protection, otherwise just known as “FRP” to some.

Over the years Android, as an operating system, has been put under scrutiny for not being as secure as it should. And if you go back and look at the lack of security features in past Android versions, it’s not hard to understand where those opinions came from.

While some say that there’s still some work to do, Android has become a much safer OS to use lately, thanks to the inclusion of some new features. Ever since Android 5.1 (Lollipop), one of those features has been FRP—a built-in security feature that is automatically activated when you set up a Google account. Everyone who buys a new smartphone with Android running as its OS will need to set up a Google account to get the ball rolling once they turn on their devices. This is where FRP automatically comes into play.

Once set up, FRP prevents the use of the device after a factory reset has been taken. The only way to get back into the device is with the credentials tied to the Google account that the owner knows. Thus, the owner will be able to use the device again with this Google account credentials but not a petty criminal who might have tried to take a factory reset to steal the device.

To take full advantage of FRP, you want to make sure that you have a strong Google account password—and to make sure you never forget what that password is. On occasion, people do forget their passwords, so they need to work out a way to bypass the Google account with bypass tools.

You can remove the FRP lock on your Samsung J120A smartphone by using the file and guide below.

Remove FRP Lock Google Account on Samsung Mobiles

1. Download the Odin flashing tool on your Windows-based computer.

2. Download the ENG Sboot file for FRP lock and extract it onto the computer.

3. Turn off the Samsung J120A smartphone and then boot it up into its Download mode (Volume Down + Power + Home).

4. Connect the Samsung J120A device to the computer with its USB cable.

5. From the Odin flashing tool’s interface, click on the “AP” or “PDA” button, and navigate through to where the Sboot file is located and upload it to this location in Odin.

6. Click on the “Start” button from the Odin interface.

7. Power on the Samsung J120A smartphone once the Sboot write file has been successfully flashed.

8. Open the Z3X software (or any FRP lock reset software that supports Samsung devices) and select your device’s model number.

9. Click on the “Reset FRP” button.

10. Enable the ADB from the smartphone’s settings when it asks you to.

11. Wait for the software to detect the modem, and automatically erase the FRP from your device.

12. Turn on the Samsung J120A smartphone once again.

13. Go through the process of selecting your language and so forth, and then when it gets to the part of adding a Google account, skip this step.

You’ll now be in your device and using the Android operating system again.

That’s it.

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