Android used to be known as an operating system lacking a little bit in security compared to its competition. In more recent years it was becoming increasingly necessary for Google to do something about that for a couple of reasons. The first is because the technology itself is changing fast and now we have applications such as Android Pay that involve people’s finances. The second reason is that just in the United States alone, millions of smartphones were stolen each year and Google was getting some flack for not offering better security to help deter the theft.

Smartphone theft is now on the decline, and Google’s preventative measures are without question partly responsible for that, the most common one of all being Factory Reset protection, or what is known as just FRP to some. FRP is instantly enabled once you set up a Google account if you’re operating system is that of Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or above. This means that after taking a factory reset, there’s no way of using the Android operating system on the smartphone until someone has logged into the Google account.

The idea behind Factory Reset Protection was so that if you ere the device owner, you would be able to log in with your Google account and use the device whereas anyone else wouldn’t be able to get past the point of needing to log in to the Google account because they wouldn’t have the email and password required to do so.

The nearly foolproof plan of FRP has done wonders in lowering smartphone theft, but there is an issue that people can have on occasion which is an inability to gain access to their own devices because they can’t remember their account details. For most, getting behind a computer and then resetting the Google account’s password should be enough to start using the smartphone, but where it becomes a problem is if the person whose phone it is can’t remember the email assigned to the account. Requesting a password reset is simple enough, but without knowing what email is assigned to the Google account, there’s no way of requesting a password reset. You could, of course, try your luck and enter all the credentials you can think of, but when you run out of ideas, you’re going to need another solution.

For Samsung J3 Prime SM-J327T smartphone owners, that’s where the combination file comes into play: you can use it to get access to the Android’s settings without the need of a Google account. Once you do that, you can then apply a factory reset again from the settings, and this time after the reset is complete, it will allow you to boot up the operating system without needing the Google account.

How to Remove FRP Lock Google Account on Samsung J3 Prime SM-J327T

1. Download and install the Samsung USB drivers on your computer.

2. Download the Samsung J3 Prime J327T Combination file.

3. Download the J3 Prime J327T official firmware file on your computer.

4. Download the Odin flashing tool on your computer.

5. Download the Z3X setup Samsung Tool Pro on your computer.

6. Download and then extract all the files above on your computer so that you can use them.

7. Turn off the Samsung J3 Prime SM-J327T smartphone and then boot it up again into Download Mode by pressing the Home + Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

8. Open the Odin flashing tool so you can see its interface on your computer.

9. Connect the Samsung J3 Prime SM-J327T smartphone to the computer with its USB cable.

10. From the Odin interface, click on the AP/PDA button and then browse your computer for the combination file, so it’s uploaded to this location.

11. Leave the Odin default settings the way they are already (most notably, make sure that the “re-partition” box is not checked).

12. Click the “Start” button from Odin and then wait for your device to reboot once the combination file has been installed automatically.

How to Complete the FRP Bypass

1. Turn on the Samsung J3 Prime SM-J327T smartphone and tap your way through to the Settings application.

2. Tap on the About Device menu at least seven times, so you unlock the Developer Options menu.

3. Enter the unlocked Developer Options menu from the Settings and then enable the OEM unlock and USB Debugging mode options.

4. Turn off the Samsung J3 Prime SM-J327T smartphone and then boot it up into its Download mode once again.

How to Install Samsung J3 Prime SM-J327T Firmware Using Odin

1. While in Download mode, connect the Samsung J3 Prime SM-J327T smartphone to the computer with its USB cable.

2. Click on the AP/PDA button from the Odin interface and browse the computer for the firmware file and upload it to this location.

3. Leave Odin on its default settings once again.

4. Click on the “Start” button and then wait up to ten minutes for the new firmware to finish flashing.

5. Once you get a green pass message from the Odin interface, disconnect the Samsung J3 Prime SM-J327T smartphone from the PC and reboot it again.

6. Select the language you want and go through the setup process for your Android operating system, but skip the part where it asks you for the Google verification (you don’t have to do this now).

7. You will eventually be let into the device where you can start using it again.

That’s it.