The Samsung USB Drivers need to be running on a computer that wants to connect a Samsung smartphone or tablet to the computer and transfer data from one device to the other. The data people ought to transfer includes files such as mp3 files, messages, pictures, video files, settings, your phone contacts and anything else that uses apps on the computer like flashing a stock ROM. That means anyone who is planning on connecting the Samsung device to the Windows computer and using the Odin flashing tool for installing a stock ROM will need to install the Samsung USB Drivers found in this guide before you can expect to locate the device being able to be detected by the Odin flashing application. The Odin app is not just limited to stock ROMs and firmware either. You might want to root a device or install a custom recovery using the Odin flashing application too. All of those things will need the drivers working before any of it can happen.

These are the instructions to install the Samsung USB Drivers on your computer running any version of Windows operating systems. You can expect the drivers to work universally, meaning they will work for every Samsung device you want to connect to the Windows computer to transfer data.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

How to Install Samsung USB Drivers on a Windows Computer

1. Download the Samsung USB Drivers file directly on your computer.

2. Open the folder where your downloads appear which is the Downloads folder by default. (You can usually find the drivers location by clicking the small arrow on the right side of your file that is displayed above the taskbar once the download is complete. Alternatively, navigate to the Downloads folder and it will be inside). 

3. Double-click on the USB drivers file and the program will run and offer you some buttons you can click at the bottom.


4. Click on the “Next” button.


5. Choose the language that you know and the country that you are living in at the moment.


6. Choose a download location for the drivers to be installed. Leave it as the default options if you don’t have any preference. Click on the Install button.


7. Wait for the installation to complete (You know it is complete when the green progress bar reaches all the way across to the right side).


8. Choose the “Finish” button from the next screen and you are done.


In conclusion, that is all you need to install the Samsung USB Drivers on your Windows computer. You will find the same driver package works for every device by Samsung. Whether it be the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone or the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, the same drivers will work, as they will for any other device. Moreover, you can expect the drivers to work for any version of Windows computer ranging from the popular Windows XP and up. The latest version of Windows we have at the time of writing this guide is Windows 10, but you can expect the files to work continually for newer versions of Windows because Samsung will automatically update the file we have linked to in the guide.