Even though many of the big name companies like Apple are calling this first year in the Smartwatch times a bit of a gimmick, we aren’t buying into it as much as they might be. We happen to love what we are currently seeing and would love to see iOS jump in just as early, even though it won’t be happening to our knowledge. A big reason for our new-found love in the wearable tech department has been the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is now seeing another significant upgrade to boast what was it’s already impressive range of moves.

There aren’t many things a Smartwatch will do other than stuff which is found on your mobile phone already, but is that a reason not to like it? Not really. The fact that you can simply look on your wrist instead of taking a big bulky Smartphone out of your pocket and unlocking it is still a great thing to have, even if it does come with a touch of James Bond style. This update rolling out today for the Galaxy Gear will showcase that now even more than ever with new notifications on board.

Notifications popping up on the watches screen for things like email or social media messages are a big reason of what makes them so great today. That’s enhanced a lot more now. There is no limit to how many apps you want to send you notifications any more, where before it was only the big one’s like Facebook and Co that would let you do it. Furthermore, it used to only show you a little teaser of what the note was, but now you can get the chance to view them in full by tapping on the touch screen interface.

Via: Sam Mobile