The code work for Android 4.4 has been spotted via social media for the Google Play Edition of the HTC One. These types of ‘Edition’ phones are different from the usual mobiles because they run nothing but stock firmware. For that reason, it’s going to take a Google member to give a firmware update the all clear to go instead of the phone carrier, which would have been the case on a normal handset.

Now we know that everything is ready to go for the update, it will happen soon presumably. It just depends when Android as a business wants the world to see this thing roll out. With the phone getting older, it should certainly appear before we get to the new year for instance. There is a lot of noise with the Moto G now, though, and it too will be coming to Android 4.4 inside of the U.S. It’s because of that there’s a good chance this update isn’t rolling out immediately.

This mobile has run Android 4.3 since around June of 2013. That means it’s been nearly half a year since it’s seen any upgrade of significance. Making things worse, people were expecting this latest version to have come around much sooner, leaving them very anxious.

The developer edition is also a popular handset, but not as many people own it when compared to the normal standard phone.