Google is doing a great job in 2013 of packing as many specs as possible and giving as much appeal know to humanity to a handset that is known between entry and mid-range level in terms of price. Even still, you might be shocked to learn that the Moto G, which is a notch down from the recent Moto X, will be packed with the very latest operating system for Android, the 4.4 Kit Kat.

Android 4.4 is the hottest thing under the Android name now. Everybody wants a piece of it, not because of its chocolate nature, but because it is the Mountain View companies latest offering for an OS.

This wasn’t always the case either. The first announcement told us to expect this version in January and the first launch period would be packed with Android 4.3. But in trying to null things down a little and possibly simplify things, they’ve opted to just get right down to business and skip the first phase of software. There’s also a chance it just not expecting to have been ready this quickly.

This news is only for the U.S.A, and there is a chance that the other places in the world are not as lucky. You would think that once it’s ready in one place it would also be ready in the next, so the reason could be more on the manufacturing side. They might prefer to just push out an over the air update later once handsets have already been purchased.

Via: Android Central